Camvac continues to be one of the world's largest single site metallisation, in-vacuum coating and lamination operations. The Thetford site utilises 4 metallising lines and 2 lamination lines capable of solvent, solvent less and thermal laminate production.

This capability means that Camvac is well placed to continue as a leading solution provider in each of it's chosen markets, be it Liquid Packaging, Fresh Food, Processed Food, Industrial and Conversion.

Another Camvac 'first' and now an industry standard in its own right, Camclear® meets a number of performance criteria regarding barrier transmission and clarity which make it unbeatable for a variety of applications.

Camclear® is a chlorine-free transparent barrier film and is highly versatile, having excellent oxygen and moisture barrier performance. Camclear® is available in a variety of substrates suitable for Fresh Food packaging, confectionery snacks, retortable applications, bag-in-box and dried foods.

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